Stop hiding your true emotions
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Sadness is a valid emotion and needs to be acknowledged.
Learn how unhappiness brings out happiness.


Project Unhappiness started as a response to society's obsession with positivity.

It is good to be happy. It feels good to be happy. However, when happiness becomes a measurement of success and is seen as an end-goal, it becomes a struggle. People will try to force positivity, comparing oneself to another.
This campaign strives to exhort the importance of understanding unhappiness, and to normalize negativity into daily conversations.

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High Line, Chelsea

Jan 5-26, 2019


We wake up to natural day light, and end the day as the sun sets and darkness blankets our surroundings.

We look up to the sky to see the bright moon and twinkling stars, without apprecitating that it is darkness that lets their light shine upon us.

The same goes for unhappiness. We need the down times in order to highlight the better days and give them prominence in our lives.

Come experience how darkness gives stage to light, how important it is to bringing out the brightest and most beautiful lights.

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